Detroit Dad Charged with First-Degree Murder in Son's Shooting

Detroit Dad Charged with First-Degree Murder in Son's Shooting

Published December 2, 2009

A dad who, witnesses say, shot his son, execution-style, in broad daylight has been charged with first-degree murder.

Jamar Pinckney appeared in a Highland Park, Mich., courtroom on Tuesday after the family of his son’s mother spent their first Thanksgiving in 15 years without Jamar Pinckney Jr., who was killed on Nov. 16.

Reports that the younger Jamar had molested his 3-year-old half-sister, Jamar Sr.’s daughter, were confirmed at the father’s preliminary examination. Explaining his plans to argue temporary insanity, Pinckney’s lawyer says Pinckney snapped when he learned that his son had sexually abused the toddler. Factors such as the allegation that Pinckney forced Jamar Jr. to strip nude, however, may suggest to a jury that there was clarity of thought and clear intent on the father’s part, legal experts say.    

Witnesses testifying Tuesday, including Jamar Jr.’s aunt, Yolanda Cherry, described how they watched helplessly as the teenager was dragged from the house and shot in the head.

When Cherry tried to intervene, she said, Pinckney asked: “B--ch, you want some of this?”

“I just backed up,” she tearfully told the court.

Lazette Cherry, Jamar’s mother, says the youth admitted to having inappropriate contact with his sister.

“I told him to get on his knees and repent to his [heavenly] Father,” she said.

A Detroit postal worker, Pinckney is being held without bond at the Wayne County Jail. He’ll stand trial next year.

Meanwhile, community residents who know Pinckney and other members of the family are still shocked by the tragedy. About 1,600 people attended Jamar Jr.’s funeral, and thousands more debate the notion of killing one’s own child after learning that the child has victimized the parent’s innocent baby.

Edgar L. Vann, II, who pastors Second Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the funeral was held, left this Facebook comment: “Help me pray mightily for the Cherry family in the loss of Jamar Pinckney Jr. …This family needs all the love a city can give.”


Written by <P>By Eddie B. Allen Jr.</P>


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