Snoop Dogg Gets Sirius

Published December 16, 2009

He got his own voiceover on TomTom and for a limited time, he’s got his own radio station. This week, satellite radio provider, Sirius XM will be giving its listeners 24/7 coverage of world renowned rapper Snoop Dogg.

December 14, was the kickoff of Snoop Dogg Nation, a limited-run channel that will play The Doggfather’s complete discography, complete with old interviews, and specials. Listeners will also be treated to an in-depth interview from Snoop as well as the chance to hear his new album, "Malice N Wonderland" without commercial interruption. Think of it as a digital listening party. Snoop will be on hand to host his Nation giving fans his insight about the early days of his career, his new position as Creative Chairman of Priority Records and the state of the music industry.

Snoop Dogg Nation is the latest in a series of limited run channels on Sirius. Others include Eminem’s Shade 45, Jay-Z Nation, and Miles Davis Radio. With Pandora’s recent announcement that they are making an active push into the automotive segment, you have to wonder if specialized programming like this will be enough to ward off the hugely popular internet radio service.

Those interested in a week of uninterrupted Snoop, should tune into SIRIUS channel 40 and XM channel 67.

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