Activist Wants Black Cop Fired for Racist Rant

Activist Wants Black Cop Fired for Racist Rant

Published December 24, 2009

A Houston community activist is demanding that an African-American police officer who used racial slurs and curse words to describe Black people be fired immediately.

Last Saturday, the officer, whose name is being withheld by the Houston Police Department, was captured on videotape telling a local entertainment promoter, “F**k ni**ers,” following a robbery in which a cash register was stolen.

“I mean really, just f**k yo money, it really don't matter,” the officer ranted, when the promoter, Corey LeDay, explained that $30,000 had been stolen from the Hush nightclub. “So f**k yo money. F**k Prairie View! Because you know what? The mutha f**ers shouldn't have been here to begin with. Because the same mutha f**in sh*t happened the last time. Mutha f**kin n***ers don't know how to act. That’s the bottom f**ing line."

The Houston Police Department said it is investigating the episode.

The activist, Quanell X, said the officer’s termination needs to happen immediately.

The officer showed a lack of professionalism and disdain for members of his own race, Quanell X told Fox 26 News reporter Isiah Carey.

“He should be absolutely fired, terminated and not be allowed to work in law enforcement ever again,” he said. “Regardless of what his color is, he should be fired. If he were White, we’d be outraged. We should be just as outraged that he is Black and degrading our people, degrading himself and degrading the uniform.”

“In fact,” Quanell X continued, “if HPD gives him s slap on the wrist, I will organize a protest march to demand his termination.”

On Tuesday, the officer issued the following statement:

“I deeply regret the poor choice of words that I used during a heated conversation in the club office with the promoter of the event. The event had gotten out of control when a large, unruly crowd overwhelmed club security personnel at the club entrance. Members of the crowd stole a cash register after trampling a female employee, sending her and other innocent people to the hospital. I allowed my frustration to get the best of me when the promoter seemed only concerned about his lost profit, and not the welfare and safety of the innocent people who were injured. Even though others had used the offensive phrase in prior conversations, I should not have allowed myself to respond in kind. I do not feel that the use of such language is acceptable under any circumstances, and I apologize."

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