"Another Day," Another Leak: Unreleased Michael Jackson Song Hits Net

"Another Day," Another Leak: Unreleased Michael Jackson Song Hits Net

Published January 5, 2010

Last year, the world was rocked by the sudden death of “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson. The entertainer passed away merely three weeks before the launch of his “This Is It” tour. Suddenly, the people were clamoring for every piece of Michael Jackson news they could find. Millions tuned in to watch his memorial. While people all over the world put on their own impromptu memorials.  The renewed interest in Jackson caused him to be the most searched for celebrity in 2009.

A few days into 2010, the fervor has yet to die down. A previously unreleased track from the singer has been leaked onto the net and was causing quite a stir. I say was, because the track which popped up on YouTube, has been taken down “due to a copyright claim by Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Sony BMG Music Entertainment, BMG.”

The song is titled “Another Day” and features rocker Lenny Kravitz. According to Mashable, Kravitz described working with Jackson as “the most amazing experience” he had in the studio. “He was funny. Very funny and we laughed the whole time.”

If you were lucky enough to hear the track before it was taken down, you were treated to a mid-tempo love song that had hit written all over it. The YouTube clip was only a taste since it was only 1:27 minutes long, just enough to whet your appetite and leave the world missing a talent that is truly gone too soon.

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