RjDj: A Glimpse Into the Future of Music?

RjDj: A Glimpse Into the Future of Music?

Published January 6, 2010

It's no secret that the music industry is still searching for the formula that will return them to the heydays before fans could download individual tracks and whole albums were leaked on the internet. What can an artist offer that will keep fans coming back for more when after the album is released and its more than a few months old? Sure there’s always touring and merchandising for big name artists, but what about the indie players and the unsigned hype?

A new startup might just have the solution. RjDj is experimenting with a new way to enjoy music. Called reactive music, the application plays a unique version of a song every time it’s played. The app uses a cell phone’s microphone to pick up sounds from the surrounding environment.  The accelerometer is also used to track the movement incorporating both into the track making it sound more agitated the faster a person moves.  For example if you’re walking through an office and your phone picks up the sound of keyboard key clicking, the sound could be incorporated into the music. And if you’re in a rush to get home or taking a leisurely stroll, the track tempo will respond in kind.

The app is currently only being used with electronic music. Artists like Little Boots have teamed with RjDj to create an exclusive app featuring a few of her tracks. Users can upload their unique mixes to the RjDj site to share with the community. If this technology were applied to other genres, the result could be huge, giving the music industry a much needed shot in the arm by way of innovation.

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