YouTube Hoax Causes AIDS Scare in Detroit

YouTube Hoax Causes AIDS Scare in Detroit

Published January 18, 2010


Many are breathing a sigh of relief after a YouTube post by a Detroit woman who claimed she was purposely spreading AIDS proved to be a hoax.
The video, picked up by, drew thousands of hits and even led local news to show excerpts of Jackie Braxton, 23, whose face was covered with a scarf, claiming that she'd already slept with hundreds of men in her role as a "serial killer." But police investigating what might have led to multiple attempted murder or murder charges tracked down Braxton, who voluntarily took a HIV test.
The results, say police, were negative.
"All of it was false," Braxton admitted last week in an interview also posted on YouTube. "I don't have AIDS. I didn't infect anybody because I don't have it."
Braxton, who's married and has a child, claims she was only promoting safe sex with the video, in which she names both men and women who she says are "gonna die." But in a contradiction to her claim of pure intentions, a porn Web address flashes throughout the video, promoting a site that features Braxton herself.
She tells the camera that she's been infected "since Lil Wayne has been around."
"I've set out to destroy the world because they haven't come up with a cure for this sh--," Braxton says in low, hissing tones. "...But you know, in my quest to try to infect everyone with this deadly virus, it wasn’t pretty hard. It was pretty easy.  All I had to do was flat-iron my hair, put on some Apple Bottom jeans and some heels, and all the guys wanted to fu-- me. All of ‘em. I didn’t have to do anything. Some even offered to pay me – pay me for the AIDS virus."
Where Braxton got the names that she reads, including an "African" who she says probably "already had" AIDS, is unclear, but at least one man identified himself on TV, saying he'd never even met Braxton. Her tone is chilling as she calls out others, some the names of women who she curses as undercover lesbians, and a man she labels a drug dealer.
A person who identified himself as Braxton's brother told Fox 2 news on Friday that Braxton is mentally unstable. But Braxton, giggling during the interview about why she pulled the hoax, expressed pride in hearing that HIV tests increased in Detroit during her 48 hours as a mainstream news item.
"It was great," she said. "A great feeling that you can, like, make people do something positive."

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Written by <P>By Eddie B. Allen Jr.</P>


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