53 Haitian Orphans Arrive at Pittsburgh Airport

53 Haitian Orphans Arrive at Pittsburgh Airport

Published January 19, 2010

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. (AP) — A flight carrying 53 Haitian orphans has landed at Pittsburgh International Airport, a week after their orphanage was destroyed by the massive quake.

Workers disembarked the plane Tuesday morning, some of them carrying children in their arms, and boarded waiting buses. Other children walked off the plane, waving at onlookers.

The orphans will be taken to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for medical care and be placed in group homes until their adoptions are finalized.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and other officials escorted the children from Haiti, where they and their American caretakers spent days in dire need of food and water after the quake.

The families of two Pittsburgh sisters working at the orphanage used Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about their plight, prompting the evacuation.



Written by <P>DAN NEPHIN, Associated Press Writer</P>


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