Sharpton's Daughter, Ex-Wife Must Return to Court

Sharpton's Daughter, Ex-Wife Must Return to Court

Published January 20, 2010

Al Sharpton's ex-wife and daughter must return to court to face charges that they resisted arrest and caused a public nuisance by yelling and cursing at police during Harlem traffic stop three months ago.

They were hoping that a Manhattan Criminal Court judge would toss out the case during a short hearing on Tuesday, but instead got a new trial date, March 23, The New York Post reports.

NYPD officers said that when they stopped an SUV driven by Dominique Sharpton at W. 110th Street and Eighth Avenue on Oct. 30, she went into a tirade.

"Why the f*** am I getting a summons?" Sharpton's daughter allegedly shouted at police, according to the criminal complaint. "I have a play to go to -- this is f***ing bullsh**! …You were driving too slow. Get the f--- off me! You can't harass me! Why the f--- am I getting a summons?"

Kathy Jordan, Dominique's mother and Sharpton's ex-wife, then got involved, according to prosecutors.

"Why the f*** are you locking her up? Get your f**king hands off her!" she reportedly said.

Officers say that they stopped Dominique in the first place because she had cut off their police car causing them to veer off the road. She also crossed a double yellow line and ran a red light, they said, adding that when asked what the hurry was, Dominique said they were late for a show. They then resisted the officers’ efforts to handcuff and detain them, according to the complaint.

But lawyer Michael Hardy, who is representing Jordan and Sharpton, said, "There was no crime here."

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