Oracle Exec Mistress Blows the Digital Whistle

Oracle Exec Mistress Blows the Digital Whistle

Published January 25, 2010

Who says techies don’t have scandal? Charles Phillips, President of Oracle, the world’s largest software company, got caught out there recently. The married executive’s mistress of eight-and-half years, YaVaughnie Wilkins, proved that it is a seriously thin line between love and hate.

After receiving word that Phillips was attempting to reconcile with his wife, the writer/actress spent approximately $250K to rent billboard space in major cities including New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco. The billboards featured pictured photos of the once happy, yet illicit couple with the phrase "You are my soulmate forever."

To ensure the whole world knew what a stand-up guy Phillips is, Wilkins took it to the web, hiring a developer to create (which has now been pulled) which featured photos of the lovebirds, ticket stubs from concerts, and love letters from Phillips.

Since the billboards hit the streets Phillips has come forward with a statement admitting the affair.

"I had an eight-and-a-half year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins," Phillips said in a statement provided to CNET by Oracle's public relations team, who declined further comment. "My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well."

No word on whether this will affect Phillips’ employment status at Oracle, but one thing’s for sure. It just doesn’t pay to cheat, especially not in the digital age. is the premier destination for African-American’s in Technology and New Media.  We cover culturally relevant Technology industry news; mainstream Technology industry news; & African-American Technology and New Media Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers. We also analyze emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture.

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