Pit Bull Pack Kills Chicago Man

Pit Bull Pack Kills Chicago Man

Published January 27, 2010

A pack of six pit bulls mauled to death a 56-year-old Chicago man, whose low-pitched voice might have triggered the canine frenzy.

Police say that Johnny Wilson lay dead in his South Side home when police arrived on the scene Sunday night. He had suffered severe head trauma, including having both his ears bitten off and at least one of his eyes mauled, and injuries to both arms, according to Chicago Police spokesman Officer Ronald Gaines.

A source told The Chicago Sun-Times that the dogs belonged to Wilson’s daughter, who possibly bred them. The dogs may have been scared by the low pitch of Wilson’s voice or in some other way, according to the source.

Gaines said four adult pit bulls and two pit bull puppies were removed from the home by the city's department of Animal Care & Control.

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