Activist Sends Obama Pimp E-mail

Activist Sends Obama Pimp E-mail

Published February 1, 2010

A conservative activist who was photographed at a rally last year with a placard displaying the “N”-word is back in the spotlight after distributing an e-mail portraying President Obama as a pimp.

In the latest Obama-hating episode, Dale Robertson, founder of the Houston-based, circulated an e-mail in which a photo has been altered to show Obama wearing an oversized zebra-striped brim with white fur and a purple band. The president is also sporting a pencil-thin mustache and wearing a wry smile. The memo is titled “Obama Pimping Obama-Care, One Last Time!”

Robertson came under fire last month when it surfaced that he attended a “tea-bagger” rally in Feb. 2008 with a sign that read: “Congress=Taxpayer Slaveowner=Niggar.” Even though he misspelled the racial slur, it triggered outrage among many who saw it as troubling because of the sudden growth of the so-called tea-bagger movement.

Robertson’s actions aren’t the first to draw negative attention to

Many of the protestors who have turned out at the Tea Party rallies across the United States have carried racially insensitive signs. Some of them have portrayed Obama as a Nazi, clown, bone-in-the-nose African native and murderer.

The organization, named after colonists who threw tea into Boston Harbor in 1773 to protest British taxes, was formed out of opposition to Obama’s policies.

The email urges others who are opposed to the president’s health-care plan and other proposals to faxes their member of Congress and to send donations to

“I am greatly encouraged with the progress of the Tea Party, but our work has just begun!” Robertson says in the missive.

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