Zombie Defense Uses Tweets as Weapons

Zombie Defense Uses Tweets as Weapons

Published February 5, 2010


What do zombies, social networking and an iPhone have in common?

They’re all key components of a new game available in the app store. Zombie Defense is the first iPhone game to integrate tweet stats into gaming. The creation of Promethium Marketing Group, this tower defense game uses the players ‘ Twitter activity to shore up their tower’s defense against the never-ending horde of brain-hungry zombies.

It seems a little strange, but the backstory is intriguing:

“A lethal marketing virus has turned half the world's population into brain eating zombies. Now they are after you and your friends' brains! All you have on hand are everyday items and an internet connection. Reach out to your twitter friends to help you build defense towers out of everyday items. Stop the zombies from penetrating your home base and eating your grey matter! With your friends helping you design the towers and your brilliant battle strategies the zombies don't stand a chance … or do they?”

The game features 10 different levels that have progressive difficulty levels with five different enemy types. There are also six different towers including a BOOSTER Tower that allows players to use celebrity twitterers stats to boost their own. Gamplay is pretty simple, there are several tools in your arsenal that will try to keep your grey matter out of the salivating mouths of the undead. The more you tweet, the stronger your tower will be against the zombie onslaught.

Zombie Defense will be available in February in the app store for .99 cents, but hurry because that’s a promotional price available for a limited time.

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