Samsung Unveils Limited Edition Michael Jackson Hard Drive

Samsung Unveils Limited Edition Michael Jackson Hard Drive

Published February 11, 2010

For those of you that love Michael Jackson and need a place to store all those important files, you’re in luck. Samsung is pushing out the commemorative “This Is It” hard drive. The hard drive is a Samsung 500GB S2 Portable.

The MJ version of the hard drive is decked out in a gold shell with the emblem from the movie on the front. It also comes preloaded with the documentary “This Is It” for your viewing pleasure.

“We are excited to present this movie starring Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer of all time, pre-loaded on the Samsung S2 Portable,” said Samsung Electronics storage marketing VP H.S. Lee, in a statement.

Be warned that the movie is DRM locked so don’t get any ideas about burning a friend or two a copy. Other drive features include Samsung Auto Backup, Safety Key for data protection, and Secret Zone to store information of a more sensitive nature. Unfortunately Mac users will miss out on this one as it appears the drive is a PC-exclusive affair.

Priced at $123, this is one of the more affordable ways to own a piece of the King of Pop. The drive is set to go on sale in Europe on February 23 to coincide with the release of the DVD. There’s still no word for when the drive is coming stateside, but that gives the rabid Mike fans out there some time to save their pennies. is the premier destination for African-American’s in Technology and New Media.  We cover culturally relevant Technology industry news; mainstream Technology industry news; & African-American Technology and New Media Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers. We also analyze emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture.

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