Uganda activists petition against anti-gay bill

Uganda activists petition against anti-gay bill

Published March 1, 2010

KAMPALA, Uganda – Critics of a proposed Ugandan law that would impose the death penalty for some gays say they've gathered 500,000 signatures calling for the bill's rejection.

A delegation including Anglican priest Canon Gideon Byamugisha delivered the petition to Uganda's parliament on Monday. Byamugisha says the bill teaches intolerance and hatred and is counter to the constitution's anti-discrimination laws.

Speaker of Parliament Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuk says the bill has been presented and soon will be debated.

The proposed bill has sparked protests in London, New York and Washington.

Uganda's conservative society frowns on homosexuality. One proponent of the bill even showed gay pornographic videos in church to try to garner support.

Written by Associated Press


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