Pa. Hospital Sued Over Refusal to Admit Patient

Pa. Hospital Sued Over Refusal to Admit Patient

Published March 3, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A federal lawsuit claims a Delaware man suffered brain damage because he was refused transfer to a Philadelphia hospital for lack of health insurance.

Marcus Murray claims in the lawsuit filed Tuesday that the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania initially said it would admit him for emergency surgery but then declined after learning he had no insurance.

Attorney Thomas Kline says notes in Murray's file at Underwood Memorial Hospital in New Jersey clearly say Penn refused to accept him as a transfer because he lacked insurance.

Penn Medicine chief of staff Susan Phillips says the allegations are groundless and insurance is not a factor when considering admission in life-or-death cases.

The suit also names Underwood, claiming doctors there failed to property diagnose Murray, and one doctor at each hospital. Underwood officials declined comment.

Written by <P>The Associated Press</P>


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