First lady extends her children's agenda to Mexico

First lady extends her children's agenda to Mexico

Published April 15, 2010

MEXICO CITY – It's all about the children for Michelle Obama, and not just her own two growing girls.

On her first international trip as first lady without her husband, Obama announced an international agenda of inspiring young people around the world to become engaged and active in their communities, and to help solve persistent global problems.

During her two-day trip to Mexico's capital city, which ended Thursday, Obama smiled and watched as elementary school pupils welcomed her with song and dance.

On Wednesday she clasped hands with boys and girls in a circle and danced, too, swaying her hips from side to side, mimicking their hand movements and jumping when they did, despite wearing a green, purple and yellow Diane von Furstenberg wraparound dress — hardly one's average workout outfit.

At home in the U.S., she's campaigning to turn back the rising tide of childhood obesity. She's encouraging children to eat better by choosing fresh fruits and vegetables over fatty snacks and sugary drinks. She's talking to them about getting plenty of exercise and studying hard at school.

Now, Mrs. Obama is taking it global.

She was serenaded by a group of boys and girls as the airport Thursday as she concluded her visit. From Mexico City, Mrs. Obama was flying to San Diego for a brief visit.

Written by DARLENE SUPERVILLE, Associated Press Writer


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