$2 billion sought to overhaul ruined Haiti schools

$2 billion sought to overhaul ruined Haiti schools

Published May 17, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The Inter-American Development Bank is seeking $2 billion to expand access to Haitian schools.

President Rene Preval and Bank President Luis Moreno announced the five-year program Saturday. It could be among the first presented for possible funding by the new Haitian Interim Reconstruction Commission co-chaired by Bill Clinton.

The program aims to rebuild a system in shambles before nearly 4,000 schools were destroyed. Its advisers include Louisiana post-Katrina school superintendent Paul Vallas.

Nearly all Haitian schools are private, forcing parents to spend food money on books, uniforms and tuition. Just one in 10 Haitian teachers is a qualified educator.

The bank's program calls for the adoption of a national curriculum, teacher training and facility improvements.

Written by Associated Press


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