Iowa Republican Criticized for Saying Obama Favors Blacks

Iowa Republican Criticized for Saying Obama Favors Blacks

Published June 16, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats are denouncing an Iowa Republican congressman who says President Barack Obama favors blacks over whites.

And a Republican candidate from Colorado is canceling a fundraiser the Iowan was supposed to keynote.

Steve King criticized both Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder while being interviewed on G. Gordon Liddy's nationally syndicated radio show yesterday.

He focused on the president's criticism of police in Cambridge, Mass., for the way a white police officer handled the arrest of a black Harvard professor at his home.

As for Holder, King accused him of calling white Americans cowards when it comes to race. But Holder, in a 2009 speech, did not in fact suggest that whites are more cowardly than blacks when discussing race.

King's remarks caused Colorado Republican House candidate Cory Gardner to cancel a $100-per-plate fundraiser where King was scheduled to speak. King's appearance was also canceled at a Colorado tea party gathering.

But King also has some support. Christopher Reed, an Iowa conservative activist, is praising King for saying what he thinks.

Written by <P>COLLEEN LONG, Associated Press Writer</P>


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