When Celebrity Is Not Enough: Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail

When Celebrity Is Not Enough: Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail

Published July 8, 2010

After repeated probation violations, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t able to escape a Beverly Hills Judge’s iron gavel. 

Judge Marsha Revel watched on as an emotional Lohan apologized to the court for missing multiple alcohol education classes and promised to do better. 

I’m not quite sure if the heartfelt plea had no affect or was it the decorated profanity on Lohan’s nails that led the judge to sentence her to three 30-day sentences and a 90-day stint in a drug rehab facility.  The sentence stems from two drunk driving arrests back in 2007. 

The only thing more entertaining than seeing LiLo burst into tears was watching two black women argue over her…that’s right her defense attorney and prosecutor are sistahs!!! 

Shawn Chapman Holley is no stranger to defending young starlets in trouble from Nicole Ritchie to the Kardashian sisters. So, it’s no wonder she would assume the role of celebrity mom and try to take care of another young pop idol in need of direction. 

Up until this recent ill-fated event Holley has been masterfully able to keep Lohan out of the slammer, but LA County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers changed that game.  Meyers painted Lindsay as a spoiled celebutant with no regard for the justice system and Judge Revel agreed. 

Meyers, a Howard Law School Alum spent her formative years trying homicide and death penalty cases, probably making this particular one, less substantive and more like a Tru TV reality show. 

These are the events movies are made of it and it’s good to finally see black women other than Halle Berry or Angela Bassett in the starring roles.




Written by <P>By Tiffany Tate, BET News</P>


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