Kendra Carter, Fueling NBC’s Talent Engine

Kendra Carter, Fueling NBC’s Talent Engine

Published July 29, 2010

Breaking into the film and television industry is obviously no easy feat. For the millions of aspiring actors, comedians, writers and directors who are duking it out in Hollywood for their big break, impressing casting agents is a huge hurdle.

As part of one of the most important and largest networks in the country, Kendra Carter is well aware of how her role can nurture, change and determine the careers of so many Hollywood hopefuls. She is the Director of Talent Initiatives at NBC Universal and a large part of her work involves recruiting diverse talent, whether that means holding a contest for comedians at the Comix Comedy Club in L.A or  putting on The Short Cuts Film Festival to find emerging filmmakers and actors.

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Written by by R. Asmerom, Atlanta Post


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