Being Terry Kennedy: Skater, Designer, Mogul

Being Terry Kennedy: Skater, Designer, Mogul

Published September 15, 2010

While seeing African-American skater boys and girls has become somewhat commonplace in certain areas of the country, there’s still a lot the world at large doesn't know about the skate culture. An even bigger unknown is the work necessary to become a professional in the sport and the rewards and headaches that come with it.

BET Networks will lift the veil on the world of skateboarding in the upcoming reality show, “Being Terry Kennedy.” The show centers on professional skater and rising mogul, Terry Kennedy. At 25 years old, Kennedy has a true rags-to-riches tale. Growing up in Long Beach, Calif., the skater has turned his passion into profit. Along with his skating career, the young businessman has his hands in several ventures, including a t-shirt line, sneaker design and a rap group called Fly Society.  The show will focus on Kennedy as he works to achieve a work/life balance, giving everything and everyone the proper amount of time.

During the show, viewers will meet some of the most important people in the young mogul’s life – his family. From his protective older brother Phil to his wise and supportive grandmother, every person plays an important role in helping Kennedy remain grounded as he juggles the increasing demands of his skating career and other businesses. On the business side of things, Kennedy has his agent, publicist and stable of celebrity friends to help him stay focused. The premiere season of the show features a stream of star power. Rap legends Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube stop through as well as skate legend Rob Dyrdek, pop singer and skater Justin Bieber and L.A. Clippers star Baron Davis.

Premiering October 12 at 10pm ET/PT, directly following the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards, “Being Terry Kennedy” promises to be the must-watch show of the fall.

Written by Sherri L. Smith


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