The Business of Obesity

The Business of Obesity

Published September 16, 2010

Britons eat almost two billion fast food meals a year, yet none of the major chains give nutritional details on menus. The National Consumer Council said fatty and sugary foods now make up more than half (54%) of in-store supermarket promotions, nearly double the number recorded in the last survey in 2006. 

The signal supermarkets are sending out to consumers is that they should be buying a lot of these fatty and sugary foods and not so much of the a-bit-more-expensive fruits and vegetables . Why don’t they make healthy food more affordable? Does this make sense? The question you have to ask yourselves is whether it has become part of someone’s business plan to make the UK fat? The prescription drug industry wins because they get repeat customers at an earlier age. The fast food companies win for the same reason. And the supermarkets win because they can buy and store unhealthy foods for a cheaper price and for a longer period of time. But are you winning? Is it cheaper to eat junk food or will you pay more in doctor and medicine bills when it catches up to you? Is it better to have every cable channel and not a gym membership ? These are questions only you can answer, but you have to know it’s the women and the ethnic minorities of less economic standing from which billions are being made.               

While 60 percent of women believe they do enough exercise, only 20 percent actually do.

While the country as a whole is failing to meet the standards, women do worse than men, particularly in some age groups. Among 16-to-24-year-olds, for example, women are half as active as men, and exercise levels are even worse for low-income and minority women.
This is interesting because almost every email I read from women starts with, “I don’t have a lot of money, but I want to get in shape.” Sometimes it’s not about how much money you have, but what you spend it on. Think about it.

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Written by Mark Jenkins


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