FCC Examines Complaint About Skechers Cartoon

FCC Examines Complaint About Skechers Cartoon

Published September 22, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Communications Commission is looking into complaints that a new TV show based on characters first created to market Skechers shoes to kids would violate government rules intended to limit commercial material in children's programming.

The FCC is seeking public comment on a petition filed last month by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood about the cartoon series "Zevo-3," which premieres on the cable network Nicktoons on Oct. 11. It stars three superheroes from comic books and TV ads promoting Skechers.

The group says the program would violate a requirement that cable companies air no more than 12 minutes of commercial material per hour of children's programming, and FCC rules mandating a separation between commercial content and programming.

Written by JOELLE TESSLER,AP Technology Writer


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