"Waiting for 'Superman'" Tackles The Issue Of America's Education System

"Waiting for 'Superman'" Tackles The Issue Of America's Education System

Published October 5, 2010

The future of the U.S. education system is in peril. With states cutting budgets and graduation rates on the decline, many feel the entire system needs to be overhauled. Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth") takes a hard-hitting look at what's being done -- and what's not -- in his recently released documentary, "Waiting for 'Superman'."

Released in theaters on Sept. 24, the documentary, written by Guggenheim and Billy Kimball, follows five kids -- Daisy, an L.A. fifth-grader; Francisco, a Bronx first-grader; Anthony, a Washington, D.C. fifth-grader; Emily, an eighth-grader in Silicon Valley; and Bianca, a Harlem kindergartner -- in search of a great public school education in America.
In addressing these questions through dynamic storytelling, Guggenheim sparks a vital national conversation and introduces us to a group of education reformers, including Geoffrey Canada and Lesley Chilcott, who are currently defying the odds. 

Written by Rashaun Hall, Contributing Writer


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