Bio: Deborah Roberts

Bio: Deborah Roberts

Published October 6, 2010

Deborah Roberts is the host of “Lifetime Live” on Lifetime Television. She has also served as a correspondent for “20/20” and as a substitute anchor on “World News Weekend” and “Good Morning America.” In July and September 2006, she was also a guest host on “The View.”

Prior to joining ABC News, Roberts was a correspondent for NBC News' “Dateline NBC” from the program's inception. During her first season with “20/20,” Roberts reported on a wide variety of stories, including a profile of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks and an award-winning investigation into abuse within the Amish community. In the 1998-99 season, Roberts reported from Africa on the plight of refugees in Rwanda, including children who were orphaned after the war. She has also reported on a number of medical issues, including efforts to perfect gender selection. Most recently, Roberts has reported from Africa on the emotional plight of African Americans who journey to sites where their ancestors were held captive as slaves, and to chronicle one woman's journey to Ethiopia to find her mother. Roberts has explored the devastation of alcohol abuse in a revealing interview with baseball great Darryl Strawberry and taken an in-depth look at the heartbreak of manic depression in young children.

During 1987-1990, she served as bureau chief/NASA field reporter/weekend news co-anchor at WFTV, a local television station in Orlando, Florida.

Deborah Roberts lives in New York City with her husband Al Roker and their three children.

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