Ten Moments We Can Expect from Jersey Shore in Italy

Ten Moments We Can Expect from Jersey Shore in Italy

Will the cast party on?

Published May 13, 2011

The crew of Jersey Shore are off to Florence, Italy, to film season four of the MTV reality series. But given the European location and the reported rules the city’s mayor has placed on the show’s filming, many are wondering what to expect from the party animals. (Hell, how can anyone tame Snooki?) Here are some moments we anticipate will happen during the season.


10. The crew will ditch the “rules” placed on them by the mayor of Florence and unleash a Jersey Shore party storm the likes Italy has never seen. Can you say those words from Clash of the Titans: “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”


9. On the first night of partying, Snooki will get drunk, do cartwheels in a mini-skirt down a busy street—showing all her unmentionables—and hurl in the Arno river.


8. Paulie D will hit the studio to begin recording songs for a possible album he may put out on G-Unit. Break out the Autotune!


7. After visiting one of Florence’s famous museums, The Situation will return to New Jersey acting and talking as refined as Mr. Belvedere.


6. Lil Wayne will fly out for a day to profess his love for Snooki… and Jwoww… and Deena… and Sammi… and (in a haze of intoxication) Ronnie.


5. While dining at a fancy Italian eatery, the crew will offend the wait staff with their Americanized pronunciations of Italian dishes.


4. At the Jersey Shore house, the crew will have a family-like dinner, drink a ton of wine and ultimately end the evening in an all-out brawl, which spills into the street.


3. The Situation and Paulie D will have a night of partying where they can’t convince women to come back to the hot tub.


2. For a day, Jwoww, after a lost evening, will contemplate becoming a nun.


1. After the cast spends a day at the ruins in Rome, folks witnessing their barbaric antics will be reminded of why Rome fell.


(Photo : Evan Agostini/PictureGroup)

Written by Marcus Reeves


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