Dennis Rodman Needs a Strip Club Budget

Dennis Rodman Needs a Strip Club Budget

He once dropped an $80,000 tip on a stripper.

Published May 16, 2011

The other night those friendly folks over at TMZ caught up with Dennis Rodman and reminisced over strippers — namely exactly how much the ex-Chicago Bulls star spent on ladies of the pole. When prompted on the biggest amount he had ever spent at a strip club in a single night, Rodman said, “The most I had ever dropped was maybe 80 grand, back in ‘96.” The questioning took place outside of a strip club in New York City. Shocker, yes.

At the time, Rodman was making nine million a year. In 2011, at 50-year-old Dennis Rodman’s credit score would probably send Suze Orman into a state of shock. As of now, it just tends to irritate the hell out of Rodman’s ex-wife. Back then he could drop $80,000 on “the arts,” but Michelle Rodman claimed last August that he was $500,000 behind in child and spousal support.” Rodman told TMZ last year that she had been evicted from two apartments because Dennis was severely backed up on payments.

Rodman’s lawyer did hit back, saying it’s not a matter of him being broke but not pulling in the funds he used to. Well, true as that may be, he’d probably be much better off now if he had hired a financial planner to set him a strip club budget.


(Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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