Reality Television Is a Dying Fad

Reality Television Is a Dying Fad

The popular genre has lost its luster.

Published June 21, 2011

Will we ever get tired of the drama on reality TV, even when we know it’s not entirely real?  

While there are some shows that are more positive, like The Voice, Toya: A Family Affair or even Say Yes to the Dress, the airwaves are more flooded with the likes of Basketball Wives, The Real World, Bridezillas, Bad Girls Club and other shows that feature delusional, sometimes-borderline sociopaths trying to launch their “careers." Cat fighting, people calling other people out for some trifling back-to-high-school-type offense, or alcoholics spiraling out of control have been marketed (and in some cases instigated by producers) for public consumption, but are we really that easily entertained?  

It’s not that reality television has no place at all, because some of it is fun to watch. However, the same drama seems to be the driving force of the most popular shows. There is no originilaity even in "reality."


(Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters)

Written by Starr Rhett


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