Can Black Celebs Have Tiger Blood Too?

Can Black Celebs Have Tiger Blood Too?

Why The Charlie Sheen Phenom Is Not Color Blind

Published March 15, 2011

It’s been nearly a month since the self-proclaimed warlock and closeted tiger blooded, Adonis DNAed Charlie Sheen (née Carlos Irwin Estevez) started his one-man rogue media revolution. And while the verdict is still out on whether his battle cry is drug or manic-fueled, some people still aren’t tiring of the show. On some level Sheen still seems to be “Winning”; his upcoming mini-tour live concert sold out in 18 minutes and he’s turned into a one-man poster boy (with T-Shirts) for firing back at bosses who sack you.

Even if few of us admit to enjoying watching Charlie Sheen “on the drug called is Charlie Sheen” temporarily take over our TV airwaves, one has to admit that if a darker-skinned celebrity took a hit of the same stash they definitely wouldn’t garner the same results. The African-American celebrity playbook is filled with a set of alternate rules where scandals and career missteps are minefields meant bury you into oblivion. Vanessa Williams was practically tarred and feathered for Penthouse pictures released during her Miss America days. Those black and white stills now seem like child’s play compared to the debauchery some of the current crop of beauty queens are involved in (and who get to keep their crowns). And even after ‘rehab,’ former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington’s career has yet to rebound after his homosexual slur of a show castmate. But if a light-skinned Latino brother can flip bad behavior on its axis to bigger rewards does that mean that one day his darker compadres will one-day start winning, too? Stay tuned.


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Written by BET-Staff


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