Will The World Always Prefer Mr. Smith to Mrs?

Will The World Always Prefer Mr. Smith to Mrs?

Why Jada Pinkett Smith Is Content Being in Will’s Popularity Shadow

Published June 15, 2011

Jada Pinkett Smith is not just the lead actress of Hawthorne, the show that she produces with husband Will Smit. She’s also a children’s author, a sometimes heavy metal rock singer and mom to tween kid stars Jaden and Willow. With all these slashes, Mrs. Smith has developed after her name, it left me wondering: can this multi-talented dynamo do anything that will allow her to ever be as popular as her mega-watt successful husband? The short answer, probably not.

Will was the Fresh Prince and became Mr. Fourth of July. His extremely engaging personality translated to box office gold that has generated over a billion dollars. And while Jada was truly able to fully makeover her street-wise, tough homegirl image into a bonafide Hollywood wife, partner to a Tinsletown king and mom, her edgier, urban image still isn’t as fully translatable to a mainstream audience.

But perhaps the deal that seals the fact that Jada will forever remain in Will’s shadow is that every successful married couple in show business (especially with children) must contend with who will take rightful place in the white-hot spotlight—and which one of them will ride in the slower lane of fame. And usually showbiz audiences pick their popular favorites and follow them loyally to the movie theaters and beyond. For proof of this, just ask Denzel and Pauletta (who began as an actress) Samuel L. and LaTanya (ditto) and now yes, Will and Jada.


(Photo:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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