Bigger Breasts, Smaller Noses: Is Everyone Getting Plastic Surgery?

Bigger Breasts, Smaller Noses: Is Everyone Getting Plastic Surgery?

More Black women than ever are going for breast enhancements and other plastic surgery. Is it a good idea, a bad trend or a mind-your-own-business private decision?

Published April 2, 2011

The adage “anything more than a mouthful is a waste” is one to which I subscribe. I’m sure that’s shocking, as I have breasts that are substantial, and while I do like my “twins,” most times they are literally and figuratively quite the handful.

However, I realize there are a lot of women out there that wouldn’t mind being inconvenienced by double Ds. According to new data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there has been a 40 percent jump in the past 10 years on breast implant operations.

Personally, I don’t get it, but then again I “got them” naturally. So when the gorgeous Kelly Rowland underwent breast augmentation surgery, I was alarmed. Fortunately, Kelly’s moderate C-cup implant (my estimation) not only fit her petite frame, they gave her an extra-added OOMPH!

When you Google Nicki Minaj, one of the top searches is “Nicki Minaj before surgery.” Nicki’s never 'fessed up to having gone under the knife, but with the body of a superhero, she’s truly a Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, blogs constantly site her arch nemesis, Lil Kim, as a cautionary tale of excessive plastic surgery. Little looks the same on the cute, small-cupped rapper who we met in the '90s.

Over the years, plastic surgery seems to be becoming less taboo in the African-American community, with the most popular procedures being breast reduction, nose reshaping and liposuction. Perhaps NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started the trend when she underwent all of the above. When interviewed by People magazine, NeNe said, “I still wanted to look like NeNe, the Black woman that I am, but a better version”.

I suspect a lot of women can identify with NeNe. If given an opportunity, many would love to look in the mirror knowing they are the “best” version of themselves that money can buy. NeNe has been excessively candid about her surgeries; however, most stars hedge their bets a bit. The stunning Halle Berry’s name has been linked to rhinoplasty and breast augmentation almost as much as it’s been linked to dysfunctional relationships. However, Halle continues to deny all connection to cosmetic surgery. When Berry was asked in a Readers Digest interview if she's had plastic surgery, she said, “No, I haven’t. But that’s one thing I will never say never about, because I don’t know.”

Should we applaud NeNe’s candor, or should we respect a woman’s right to appear to be born perfect, even when the truth is she had a great surgeon? Personally, I think the rules of discussing your plastic surgery should mimic the actual procedure: A less is more approach is always best.


(Photos, from left:  Pat Johnson/Retna Ltd., Kevin Mazur/Wireimage)

Written by Bevy Smith


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