Michelle O, Bag Lady

Michelle O, Bag Lady

Thought you were saying something with your oversized Rebecca Minkoff, huh?  Well, First Lady Michelle Obama put the stamp on big bags with the Reed Krakoff tote she was seen sporting recently to a parent-teacher conference for her daughter Sasha. One paparazzi shot later and whamo! Instantly, women around the globe snatched up twin versions of the $1000 bag like the Krakoff was crack (couldn’t resist). You couldn’t find one now if you tried.

But here’s the thing. Maybe not exactly for Mrs. Obama (who was clocking six figures on her own before hubby did his thing, thanks) but for the majority of us, a big, designer bag is a serious investment. You see it, you covet it, you save for it, you buy it. There’s a process to acquiring a big bag of one’s own. For the fashion-driven woman, it’s a piece of pieces. Her beloved catchall. In the big bag goes everything: the emergency flats, the magazines, the Ipad. Alas, it is more than an accessory, a big bag is an extension of the soul! The idea is NOT for every other woman in the world to be rocking your style.

Poor, poor Michelle Obama. So much for original flavor. Maybe the Kate Moss for Longchamp line next time? Nobody’s killing those yet.



(Photo:  Olivier Douliery-Pool/GettyImages)

Written by Kierna Mayo


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