One More Reason to Hate Weaves

One More Reason to Hate Weaves

Things are getting pretty out of control in the quest for economical fake hair.

Published May 18, 2011

If Dave Chappelle or In Living Color were still on TV, surely a skit would exist that went like this: A few masked people illegally enter a store using the most stealth, laser-beam avoiding tactics. Once inside, they disable the alarm system and ignore the cash register, a piggy bank, furs, diamonds and a dizzying display of expensive baubles. They have their eyes on one thing and one thing only: the rows of human hair for sale on the back wall. Filling sacks with the follicular booty, they make their way out, high-fiving all the way.


High fives aside, we don't need the Wayans or Chappelle for these hijinx. Such ludicrous behavior is happening in a beauty supply store near you. The New York Times showed remarkable restraint in presenting a just-the-facts, no-jokes news story on a rash of thefts going on in the New York area, where thieves steal upwards of $100,000 of hair. Discerning criminals, they want no part of the synthetic hair and instead they're holding stick-ups (and, in one case, even killing a shop worker) for human hair—particularly top-notch Remy.


Anyone who knows me knows I hate a weave. I never cease to be freaked out by the sight of someone walking around with hair that once grew out of someone else's head sitting atop theirs. But clearly I am in the minority, since stealing weave hair has become quite a lucrative criminal activity as weave wearers and salon owners would rather pay the street price of about $25 a bag, versus the store prices of $100 or so. These are hard times we’re living in, but…damn. Another point, hair-stealing people: Is this really what you want to tell your fellow cellmate you did when you get locked up? That can’t go over too well in the yard.




(Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

Written by Ayana Byrd


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