Waka Flocka Shocker

Waka Flocka Shocker

The rapper goes bold—and bare—for a cause.

Published March 14, 2011

Love Waka Flocka much? Then hold on to your britches because the ATL rapper has gone naked as a baby’s bottom for PETA. Part of “Ink Not Mink,” the controversial animal rights organization’s newest celebrity campaign to keep people from buying furs, Waka is the first rapper to join the campaign (a fact supported by the blinged-out Fozzie Bear pendant dangling over his, er, package).

Granted, the advertisement is ostensibly for a higher cause—but there is also a part of this particular campaign that smacks of vanity. Vanity perhaps misplaced. You sure can tell when someone really loves his self. (In Waka’s case, after being shot and then later arrested on gun and drug charges, a little dose of self-love ain’t bad.) But back to the matter at hand, sometimes, okay, a lot of times, rappers, á la Waka, feel it their duty to impose on us all of their body art. And you know what? We otherwise accept, celebrate, even emulate such affirmations of self-confidence. However this time, when one also has to look at a brother’s hips, it all just seems a bit much.

Perhaps this writer shouldn’t complain given the preponderance in hip–hop of the imagery of fully clothed men flanked by nearly nude women. But still, should PETA want my attention directed toward saving little furry animals, I need them to consider not just the message, not just the messenger, but also the mess.

Written by Kierna Mayo


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