New Low for Flo-Rida

New Low for Flo-Rida

Hit-making rapper makes big mistake behind the wheel.

Published June 9, 2011

Chart-topping rapper Flo-Ridawho’s been romantically linked to R&B singer Brandy and TV personality Eva Marcille, (formerly Pigford)—has officially become a lame!

News broke that the chiseled entertainer just got popped for driving under the influence in Miami Beach this morning while driving one of the world’s most expensive automobiles on the face of the planet.

According to law enforcement sources, Flo-Rida was driving around in his red and black Bugatti—which retails for around $1.7 million. Apparently once police noticed Flo’s whip swerving in and out of lanes and he was pulled over. Authorities immediately detected the scent of alcohol, and my sources tell me that dude’s alcohol level was twice the legal limit. He’s currently sitting a jail cell somewhere as we speak being processed. And I can’t help but ask: “What the hell is wrong with today’s celebrity?”

Once upon a time being selected to become a public figure was held with honor and respect. But if you fast-forward to today's celebrity-obsessed times, you’ll find that most of today’s “stars” have no accountability for their actions and no accountability for what those actions project onto their young and extremely impressionable fans. Televison and music acts have exchanged honor and respect for entitlement and free living.

The fact of the matter is that Flo’s got many hits at this point in his career; I think it’s fair to say he’s worth a couple million. So why he didn’t exercise better judgment and hire a driver so he could get as sloshed as intended is beyond me. But this is bigger than that.

Operating motor vehicles while intoxicated has to be the most dangerous and corniest crimes. Yet, if you notice, so many celebrities are being rounded up for the same silly crime.

I’ve met Flo-Rida several times throughout his career. He’s talked openly about his upbringing and his close-knit family raising him “right.” So it’s a wonder where it all went wrong. How will it affect his album sales? Who am I kidding? It won’t. The amount of press generated over such egregious acts far outweigh the penalty for committing the potentially dangerous crime.

At the end of the day Flo’s gonna have to answer to his fans more-so than any radical blogger with an opinion. It’s just too bad someone with such a gift—and blessings from above—would blemish his career with such nonsense.

You lose Flo. You lose big time on this one.

“Friends Don’t let Friends Drive Drunk!” Anybody remember that one? Yeah, let’s start using that expression more. And not just say it. DO IT!

(Photo: Rob Loud/PictureGroup)

Written by Gyant


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