Activists Plan to Dump Their Garbage at Boehner’s House

Activists Plan to Dump Their Garbage at Boehner’s House

To protest lack of home rule and the budget impasse, D.C. residents plan to dump their trash at Speaker Boehner's house.

Published April 8, 2011

Washington D.C. residents have a lot to lose if the government shuts down Friday night because the city is under federal jurisdiction and does not have home rule—meaning D.C. residents are not able to govern their local affairs. That means services like trash collection and street cleaning would be temporarily suspended and the Department of Motor Vehicles and all public libraries would be closed.

If they’re forced to suffer, they’re prepared to share their pain with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) by leaving their trash in his front yard. The civil action is truly a 21st-century grassroots effort and is being organized on Facebook.

“Speaker John Boehner is ready to shut down the government, including D.C. city services like trash collection,” the organizers wrote. “Well, if he won't allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM.”

So far, more than 5,000 people have said they will do just that. But, according to the protest’s organizers, the event is about more than a government shutdown’s impact on the city; it’s also a call for D.C. home rule.

“Boehner has the power to stand behind his insistence that government should stay out of people’s lives by getting his government out of ours,” organizers wrote. “There are three bills in the House of Representatives right now that Speaker Boehner can use his clout to pass and bring a sliver of democracy to Washington D.C.”



Written by Joyce Jones


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