Luther Campbell Won’t Be Miami-Dade’s Next Mayor

Luther Campbell Won’t Be Miami-Dade’s Next Mayor

Luther Campbell made an impressive showing in his first bid for elective office and may have set himself up to be more successful next time around.

Published May 25, 2011

Former rapper Luther Campbell came in fourth during Tuesday’s Miami-Dade mayoral election. He actually did pretty well considering it was his first bid for elective office and he had to compete in a field of 11 candidates. Campbell, whose campaign slogan was “I’m Dead Serious” garnered 11 percent of the total number of ballots cast Tuesday, or 20, 652 votes.

His platform included a few strange ideas, such as taxing strippers to bring in revenues, but he also didn’t embarrass himself in the campaign. If he really was dead serious, this first showing may be a stepping stone to making him a political force in his community.

Campbell wrote in his Miami New Times blog that he hoped to make history Tuesday, but would be okay if he didn’t.

“I've enjoyed every minute,” he said of his time on the campaign trail. “I’ve shown Miami-Dade voters I know and understand the political landscape in our community. I've demonstrated I’m well informed on the issues that affect every person who claims the 305 as home. And I will continue to be a voice for the disenfranchised whether I’m the mayor, a columnist or a high school football coach.”

On Wednesday he thanked his supporters and to all the others, he tweeted, read this: Amos 5:10-15.


(Photo: AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Written by Joyce Jones


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