Rev. Al Sharpton Calls Herman Cain’s Policies a Joke

Rev. Al Sharpton Calls Herman Cain’s Policies a Joke

Rev. Al Sharpton said that Herman Cain's policies are not good for America.

Published June 29, 2011

Rev. Al Sharpton guest-hosted MSNBC’s The Ed Show Tuesday night and used the opportunity to put Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on blast. He referred specifically to Cain’s reaction to a parody of him done by The Daily Show host Jon Stewart. Cain said that Stewart’s imitation of him was reminiscent of Amos ‘n’ Andy.


Sharpton said that he’s proud of a brother’s success, but he definitely does not agree with his policies.


“This week, Mr. Cain said he doesn’t think minimum wage is necessary. Mr. Cain, I’m proud to see you, as a Black, become successful; I’m proud to see you lift yourself up. But I’m not proud to hear you say minimum wage is not necessary, to say President Obama grew up in Kenya when you know better and playing to the birthers, [or] when you are trying to say that Muslims and others shouldn’t be tolerated in your cabinet, or that they should be screened," Sharpton said. "I don’t like your policies. I’m as black as you; I’m not mocking you. I’m saying what you’re saying is wrong. Jon Stewart is a comedian. Your policies are the joke.”


Stewart has garnered a lot of airtime on Fox News because of his alleged mockery of Cain and what the network calls his liberal bent. Stewart being Stewart, he’s rolling with it and created segment that features himself imitating the accents of a broad range of people, from old Jewish ladies in New York to the pope.



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Written by Joyce Jones


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