Sen. Ron Johnson Says the President is Phoning It In

Sen. Ron Johnson Says the President is Phoning It In

Republicans are still mad about Obama calling them out during his press conference. One senator says the president needs to take a Valium and another says he's not a leader.

Published July 1, 2011

Republican lawmakers are still stinging over President Obama’s press conference earlier this week when he said they needed to stop talking trash about him, keep their butts in Washington and do their job. He also implied that his daughters Malia and Sasha are more proactive when it comes to getting their work done than are members of the House and the Senate.


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) hit back on Thursday in a radio interview, blasting Obama’s golf habit and the number of fundraising events he’s held, The Daily Caller reports.


“I watch President Obama. You know, what 76 rounds of golf?” Johnson said. “He’s held ten times the fundraisers at this point in his presidency as President Bush did. The guy really is just phoning it in and it’s unbelievable.”


Johnson also implied that the media has been complicit, and that if a Republican ruled the White House, the nightly headlines would make most Americans want to take a Valium to calm down, as Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) advised the president to do during a Republican press conference on Thursday.


“Let’s face it – we don’t control the news media,” Johnson said. “If this were a Republican president, you know exactly what the story would be every night, every day. It would be the high level of unemployment. They would be doing stories of all those people that lost their jobs. Now the stories are actually saying, ‘Hey, it’s not that bad being unemployed.’ It’s amazing.”


Johnson also thinks that Obama is engaging in class warfare when he points out the just plain meanness of lawmakers allowing oil companies and private jet owners to enjoy special tax breaks and loopholes while cutting financial aid or making seniors pay more for their health care.


But what really has him scratching his head is why Obama even wants to be president.


“The primary job description of president is ‘leader.’ He doesn’t want to lead. He never does lead. I mean, it is totally baffling to me why he’d even want to be president of the United States the way he’s acting,” Johnson said.

(Photo: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Written by Joyce Jones


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