Obama’s Campaign Web Site Gets Hacked

Obama’s Campaign Web Site Gets Hacked

Someone used President Obama's campaign Web site to invite visitors to fake anti-government events in Washington, D.C.

Published July 6, 2011

Someone used President Obama’s campaign Web site Tuesday to invite supporters to two fake anti-government events hosted by “Commy Obama.” Users of the campaign’s mobile devise application were directed to two “Rules of Politics” events to be held in Washington, D.C.


“1. Politicians and other public servants lie,” read a message announcing the event, the Washington Examiner reports. “2. Politicians tell you what you want to hear and offer to provide things for ‘free’ to get votes. 3. When government buys, the people pay.”


The information was posted in a calendar section where users can generate their own content. Campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt told the publication that the site wasn’t hacked and that while the campaign monitors it for “inappropriate content,” it cannot catch everything immediately.


Still, it’s the second time this week that a prominent Web site has been compromised. Hackers attacked the FoxNews.com Twitter account early Monday and sent false tweets saying that President Obama had been killed.

Written by Joyce Jones


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