Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry’s Son Is Facing Drug Charges

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry’s Son Is Facing Drug Charges

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry's son Christopher is facing charges of drug possession with intent to sell.

Published July 14, 2011

Every father dreams that one day he’ll look at his son and see a reflection of his own self. Former Washington D.C. mayor and current city council member Marion Barry, who holds an advanced degree in chemistry, probably hoped that his son might inherit his scientific skills or his winning way with the local electorate that has enabled him to return to public office after serving six months in a federal prison following an FBI sting operation in which he was videotaped smoking crack cocaine. Instead, Marion Christopher Barry, who goes by his middle name, is following in his father’s troubled drug-related past.


Barry fils is currently facing a drug-dealing charge after police say they found PCP and marijuana in his apartment. Although the incident took place in late May, the single charge of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance was only first reported Wednesday by the Washington City Paper.


District police arrived at Barry's home in response to a report of a fight at his apartment in the district's southwest quadrant. Barry fled the scene through a window, but was arrested when he returned to the apartment. According to court documents, the Associated Press reports, while Barry was temporarily on the lam, officers forced their way into his apartment where they found a vial of what has been described as “more PCP than would be used by one person” and five baggies that contained marijuana.


The elder Barry would not comment on the matter and his son is reportedly working on a plea deal with prosecutors.

(Photo: AP)

Written by Joyce Jones


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