Black Tea Party Group Plans Protest at NAACP Convention

Black Tea Party Group Plans Protest at NAACP Convention

A Black Tea Party Group will protest the NAACP during its annual convention because, it says, the civil rights group is a pawn of the Democratic Party and promotes policies that harm Blacks.

Published July 22, 2011

The South Central L.A. Tea Party, an African-American-led organization, plans to hold a protest rally on July 24 at the site of the NAACP’s 102nd annual convention in Los Angeles. The group contends that the NAACP promotes a “failed liberal big government agenda” and spreads “lies and hypocrisy” about the Tea Party.


“The NAACP is a partisan tool of the Obama administration,” the group’s founder, Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen, said in a statement. “For decades, this group has supported left-wing policies, which have created dependency, destroyed Black families and hurt race relations.”


According to Petersen, who also heads the nonprofit BOND Action Group, the civil rights organization has made baseless claims that the Tea Party is racist, has not addressed Black-on-Black violence and supports “failing public schools and corrupt unions.” In addition, Petersen argues, the NAACP is a “partisan tool of the Obama administration” and its economic policies.


The rally is the group’s inaugural event. In addition to Petersen, speakers include talk show host Rick Roberts and William Owens, Jr., publisher of Tea Party Review Magazine.

(Photo: Kansas City Star/MCT/Landov)

Written by Joyce Jones


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