Is Herman Cain’s Presidential Bid Over?

Is Herman Cain’s Presidential Bid Over?

Political scientist Charles Dunn says that Herman Cain’s presidential bid has deflated due to too many rookie mistakes. He believes that Michele Bachmann could win Cain’s Tea Party and evangelical support if the Black Republican drops out.

Published August 2, 2011

Recent headlines about GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain have largely focused on controversial statements he’s made about Muslims and his attempts to make amends. The latest centered on remarks in a Fox News interview in which he supported a Tennessee community’s efforts to ban a new mosque. Cain met with Muslim leaders last week and came away with a new perspective on their religion and even apologized for offending them.


But Regent University political scientist Charles W. Dunn believes that Cain’s presidential bid is deflating as a result of the mistakes he’s made on the campaign trail. The Black Republican is the only contender who does not have prior political experience.


“He is at best a third-tier candidate. The air is rapidly leaving the balloon of his campaign, if indeed there is any air left in the balloon of his campaign,” Dunn told “He illustrates what happens when a political neophyte gets into the presidential sweepstakes race. Ill prepared, not knowing how to handle the big time. So probably fairly soon we’ll find him leaving the exit gate to the campaign.”


Dunn made his dire prediction despite the fact that Cain just won a wide victory in a Denver straw poll of Republican candidates, with 48 percent of the vote. He also said that Rep. Michele Bachmann is the candidate most likely to benefit from a Cain departure because the two are Tea Party and evangelical favorites.

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Written by Joyce Jones


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