Allen West Is Considering a Senate Bid

Allen West Is Considering a Senate Bid

Although he has previously rejected the idea of a Senate run, Rep. West says it would be rude to not talk to those who support such a bid.

Published August 16, 2011

Rep. Allen West (R-Florida), a first-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives, may be setting his sights for the upper chamber. Before delivering remarks at a Palm Beach Tea Party event, West told reporters that the door had been opened “a crack” to the possibility of a Senate bid, The Palm Beach Post reports. Only a week ago, he said definitively that he wasn’t considering the idea.


“If people want to talk to me about something like that it would be very disrespectful and rude for me to slam the door in their face,” West said Monday night. “So people have an opportunity to talk to me, I’ll hear them out, but my intentions are very simple — to run as a congressional representative, and that’s where we go forward.”


The Florida lawmaker said that his current plan is to run for a second House term, but he’s cracked open the door to considering a run for the Senate “enough so that people can slip a note under the door and I can read the note and I can write back on the note ‘probably not’ and send it back out under the door.” He did, however, raise $1.5 million in the last reporting period, which is more than the declared candidates who are challenging incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, the Sun Sentinel reports.


West said that it is very unlikely that he will try to leave the House, but he will make a definitive decision soon because he doesn’t believe the door will be open for very long.

(Photo: Allen West for Congress)

Written by Joyce Jones


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