Obama Continues to Slide in the Polls

Obama Continues to Slide in the Polls

A growing majority of Americans are unhappy with President Obama's job performance.

Published September 6, 2011

President Obama may well heed his fellow Democrats’ advice and propose a jobs plan on Thursday that will leave Tea Party conservatives steeped in fury. After all, he’s got little to lose. Based on new polls from NBC/The Wall Street Journal, ABC/The Washington Post and Politico/George Washington University, more Americans than not disapprove of how he has handled the economy.


In the ABC/Post and NBC/WSJ polls, respectively, Obama earned disapproval ratings of 53 percent and 51 percent. And in the Politico/GWU poll, only 26 percent said they would definitely vote for him in 2012.


In his daily press briefing Monday afternoon, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the low poll numbers reflect “a high reservoir of skepticism toward Washington in general.”

(Photo: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Written by Joyce Jones


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