African-American State Senator From Maryland Mulling U.S. Senate Bid

African-American State Senator From Maryland Mulling U.S. Senate Bid

Maryland state Sen. C. Anthony Muse says he wants to represent the voiceless.

Published September 29, 2011

Maryland state Sen. C. Anthony Muse, a Black Democrat who represents Prince George’s County, one of the nation’s most affluent African-American communities, has formed an exploratory committee to consider a primary challenge against U.S. Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D), who has been in office since 2006. Muse is serving his second term and says he wants to “represent the voiceless,” The Washington Post reports.


Muse said that there is a void in the U.S. Senate in such areas as improving education for low-income children, reducing foreclosures and U.S. military involvement abroad. In addition, he said, the fact that there are no African-Americans serving in the Senate also is a factor. He also said that his possible bid is not a dig at Cardin, but if there is enough support for his candidacy he will move forward.


“I like Cardin. He’s a nice person,” Muse said.


Cardin also has a campaign treasure chest worth $1.8 million that will be difficult to match and has been an active advocate on tax, trade and health care issues. In addition, a May 21 Washington Post poll found that Cardin, who was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1966 and Speaker in 1979, had a 65 percent job approval rating among Democrats.


Cardin spokesperson Shelly Hettleman, responding to Muse’s potential challenge, told the Post that he looks forward to talking with Maryland voters “about how he has fought for them to create jobs and improve the economy.”


(Photo: State of Maryland)

Written by Joyce Jones


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