Obama Says 2012 Won’t Be as Sexy as 2008 Was

Obama Says 2012 Won’t Be as Sexy as 2008 Was

Obama says that 2012 won't be as sexy and he's kind of beat up but implores voters to continue believing and fighting for hope and change.

Published October 4, 2011

It would be very surprising if there weren’t times when President Obama wonders what possessed him to seek the highest office in the land. As he is fond of reminding supporters, he inherited the worst economy in recent memory and two wars. Then there was the 2012 midterm thrashing that has forced him to be in constant fight mode with a seemingly immovable Republican-led House. Add to that the subtle and overt acts of racism, and he might be thinking, about now, that Chris Christie may have had the right idea.


Despite all that, Obama, who still believes in hope and change, is asking supporters to not stop believing. Running for re-election is a much greater challenge than his initial White House bid was, he noted during remarks delivered at a luncheon fundraiser in Dallas Tuesday afternoon. He said that his “enthusiasm and faith in America” is “unabated,” but acknowledged that Americans are extremely anxious about their futures and finding it difficult to see the path forward.


“In 2008, we were running against something in part and that got a lot of people excited. It was easier to mobilize, in some ways. Now we’re running for something,” he said.


But, he added, “it won’t be as sexy as in 2008. Back then, I didn’t have any gray hair and was all kind of fresh and new. And now I’m dinged up — gone through some battles.”

(Photo: Larry Downing/Reuters)

Written by Joyce Jones


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