Radio Host Compares Michelle Obama to Chewbacca

Radio Host Compares Michelle Obama to Chewbacca

Radio host Jimmy Lakey said that when people hear the Chewbacca reference they know it's about Michelle Obama.

Published October 5, 2011

Colorado radio host Jimmy Lakey thought he would amuse listeners by recalling an incident at a cigar club during which someone referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as Chewbacca, the ape-like character in the Star Wars series.


“At the cigar club, someone used the phrase, 'Chewbacca', and everyone knew or assumed who this person was talking about. I’ve tested it,” the conservative Lakey said on his show. “I’ve done group testing, and I’ve said, if I say 'Chewbacca', what do you think? And, I’m telling you, I’m in so much trouble right now.”


It’s not the first time he has spoken rudely about the first lady on-air. After a listener called in to his show and said, 'I'm not real fond of her. I think that she was one of the main characters in Planet of the Apes," Lakey howled in laughter, according to a report by the Colorado Springs Gazette.


(Photo: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Written by Joyce Jones


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