Christie’s Endorsement of Romney Fuels Vice Presidential Speculation

Christie’s Endorsement of Romney Fuels Vice Presidential Speculation

Christie says he's not considering the number-two spot but added that the decision is up to the GOP presidential nominee.

Published October 13, 2011

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, one week after declining to launch his own bid. Now, pundits are wondering, could Christie, whose boisterous personality is the polar opposite of Romney’s, have his eye on the vice presidential slot?


"Of course he'd be on anyone's short list," Romney said in an interview on Wednesday’s Today show on NBC, adding that Christie is "one of the leading figures in the Republican party."


"We agree on a whole host of issues," Romney said. "We've spent time together over the last year getting to know each other better. I've asked for his counsel on policy matters and so I think we're pretty sympathetic on the issues that matter."


In a summer appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Christie said that he doesn’t think that he’s “vice presidential material” and that anyone who chose him “would have to be sedated.” Apparently Garden State voters agree. In an Oct. 12 Quinnipiac University poll, 74 percent said that he doesn’t have the personality to be vice president.


But Christie said that he didn’t endorse Romney in exchange for anything but did not definitively rule out the possibility of a Romney-Christie ticket.


"That kind of thing is up to the person who is the presidential nominee to decide who is the best person for them, and, most importantly, the best person for the country," he said.

(Christie Photo: AP /Mel Evans, Romney Photo: AP/Mike Carlson)

Written by Joyce Jones


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