Herman Cain Plans to Slow Down a Little

Herman Cain Plans to Slow Down a Little

Herman Cain's campaign hopes that a slower pace will slow down the frequency of gaffes made.

Published October 28, 2011

Herman Cain’s meteoric rise to the top of several polls has come at a price. Almost each week, it seems, he has made some sort of gaffe, such as recent flip-flops on the issue of abortion on which he’s said there should be no exceptions that would allow an abortion to take place to deciding that there should be exceptions in the case of rape, incest or when the mother’s life would be at stake. Cain also has had to backtrack on controversial remarks he made about erecting an electrified fence that would kill illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border by saying it was a joke.


“We’re trying to slow down a little bit, make sure he’s rested, make sure he’s focused,” J.D. Gordon, the campaign’s vice president for communications, has said, adding that a “more deliberate pace” could help the candidate avoid making such mistakes.


“People understand he’s not a career politician; he’s very spontaneous, they know how fast he’s going,” Gordon said. “People give him more leeway than they would someone who’s in Congress or a governor.”

(Photo: AP Photo/Joe Burbank, Pool)

Written by Joyce Jones


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